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Indiana Harvest Behind Last Years Pace


Mostly hot and humid weather kept farmers extremely busy harvesting corn and soybeans, according to Greg Matli, Indiana State Statistician for the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Temperatures were above normal by 11.3 degrees, with the statewide temperature at 72.9 degrees. Although few rain showers moved through the region this week, it was just enough to keep the humidity levels high. Statewide precipitation averaged 0.02 inches, below average by 0.76 inches. There were 6.2 days available for fieldwork for the week ending September 25, up 1.1 days from the previous week.

The mostly dry week allowed many farmers to get their final cutting of hay completed. The cut hay was slow to dry in areas where the humidity was the highest. Winter wheat plantings remain slightly behind last year, but are keeping up with the pace of soybean harvest. Although weed pressures and insect counts are high in some pastures across the state, Livestock was reported to be in mostly good condition and starting to put on weight for the winter.

Corn matured was 70% complete in the North, 76% in Central and 77% in the South. Corn harvested for grain was 8% complete in the North, 13% in Central, and 34% in the South. Corn harvested for silage was 89% complete in the North, 79% in Central, and 87% in the South. Corn harvested for silage is wrapping up across the State. Grain harvest is picking up pace, especially in dry areas. The moisture content for corn harvested over the week averaged 21 percent. The humid weather has increased the presence of mold in both the stalks and in shelled corn. Diplodia ear rot and white mold continues to be observed in the fields. Corn condition has declined slightly from the previous week as a result of increasing mold presence. Corn rated in good to excellent condition was 73% in the North, 77% in Central, and 61% in the South.  Statewide corn was 7% harvested and nationally corn was  9% harvested.

Soybeans dropping leaves were 74% complete in the North, 75% in Central, and 46% in the South. Soybeans were 8% harvested in the North, 11% in Central, and 5% in the South. Soybean harvest remains behind schedule, but growers have reported being pleased with the crop thus far. Moisture content averaged 14 percent. Lodging continues to be an issue in some soybean fields. Soybeans rated in good to excellent condition was 78% in the North, 80% in Central, and 64% in the South. Statewide soybeans were 2% harvested and nationally 4% harvested.