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Indiana Harvest Nears Completion



Rains from Hurricane Patricia brought needed relief to the State, reviving dry soils and reducing drought stress for winter crops, according to Greg Matli, Indiana State Statistician for the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Cooler temperatures and increased rainfall helped improve the soil moisture, but much of the State remains classified as abnormally dry, according to the latest drought monitor. Days suitable for fieldwork was 4.5, down 1.8 days from last week.

crop-progressHarvest progress slowed down as the rains moved across the State. Most of the soybeans have been moved off the fields prior to the rain storm. Corn harvest continued to progress nicely and remains ahead of schedule. The increased precipitation helped winter wheat emergence as well as the overall health of winter cover crops. Pasture health improved slightly from the rainfall. Farmers are staying busy tilling fields, repairing and storing harvest equipment, spreading fertilizer, taking soil samples, and working with tile in harvested fields.


Regionally, soybeans harvested was 97% complete in the North, 96% in Central, and 94% in the South. Corn harvested for grain was 92% complete in the North, 90% in Central, and 92% in the South. By region, winter wheat planted was 98% in the North, 91% in Central, and 90% in the South. Winter wheat emerged was 88% in the North, 75% in Central, and 75% in the South.