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Indiana Harvest Progress Remains Behind Schedule


Dry weather last week allowed decent harvest progress across the state. In Monday’s USDA Crop Progress report, Indiana corn is 75% harvested and Indiana soybeans are 77% harvested, both still behind their respective 5-year averages.

West Central Indiana Pioneer agronomist Ben Jacob believes many farmers showed great patience last week by not getting in their fields too soon.

“Now, that’s not to say there won’t be some tough spots, of course there will, but we’re coming off of several years of really wet falls going back to 2018 and 2019 where we struggled to get the crop out without rutting it up. So, I think that’s still fresh enough in a lot of folks’ minds that they’re maybe still dealing with some of the issues that were caused by being forced to get in there. And we also had a really good early harvest window.”

As Jacob looks ahead, he feels like we’re in a pretty good spot to get harvest completed and still have plenty of time for fall fieldwork that needs accomplished. He does say that if you are limited on time for fall fieldwork, he recommends prioritizing weed control.

“Know what some of the problem weeds that we have. If you’re in an area where you struggle with control for waterhemp, the interesting thing about waterhemp is that in the past it was typically something that only germinated in the spring. Recent evidence would show it can germinate all the way up through October. So, some of these earliest fields that were harvested, we could have a late flush of even waterhemp, which is strange to think about here in the fall.”

Hear much more with Pioneer’s Jacob in the full HAT interview below: