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Indiana Harvest Should Start Picking Up Steam


Some areas of Indiana experienced a much needed break in precipitation in the past week, although several fields remained damp which has slowed harvest, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region and its update crop progress report. Average temperatures for the week ending September 21 ranged from 55 to 66 degrees, and from 3 degrees to 9 degrees below normal. The lowest recorded temperature for the week was 38 degrees; the highest, 87 degrees. The statewide average temperature for the week was 59.9 degrees, 4.7 degrees below normal. Recorded precipitation ranged from 0.00 to 2.43 inches, with a statewide average of 0.74 inches.

By region, corn denting was 88% in the North, 87% in Central, and 93% in South. By region, corn mature was 45% in North, 48% in Central, and 59% in South. By region, corn harvested was 3% in North, 4% in Central, and 11% in the South. Corn harvested across the state now equals a year ago at this time at 5 percent, but that is behind the 5 year average of 13 percent. Corn reaching maturity jumped from 29 to 49 percent in the last week for the state average, and 7 percent of the corn has been harvested nationally.

By region, soybeans dropping leaves was 55% in the North, 56% in Central, and 42% in South. Indiana soybeans are just 1 percent harvested and that is behind the 5 year average of 8 percent. National soybean harvest progress is at 3 percent.

Overall, corn and soybeans continue to be over 70% in good to excellent condition. Harvest for corn silage is in full swing and corn harvested for grain has begun. Potato and tomato harvest has finished in most areas of the state. Farmers have been busy this week cleaning and spraying storage facilities, hauling grain, cleaning bins, and roadside mowing.

Source: NASS