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Indiana Harvest Weather Outlook Calls for Brief Interruption



Ryan Martin

In the new Seed Consultants harvest weather forecast update, HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin sees a mix of rain ahead along with great harvest weather, but also some uncertainty. He is confident in what conditions will be eight of the next ten days, but Monday and Tuesday of the coming week are the sticking point.

“Short term as you go through Friday and Saturday harvest can go on without a hitch whatsoever,” Martin says. “Sunny, dry, breezy, warm, you’ve got it all. We’ve got a front that comes in on Sunday that will give us some moisture, anywhere from .2 to .7 and about 90 percent of the state gets it. Monday, Tuesday? That’s up in the air. Some models have a low sticking right over the top of the eastern Corn Belt, and other say no, the low stays down over parts of Alabama. That right there will be the difference between a dry forecast, which I think we’re going to see Monday and Tuesday, and one that could produce a lot of rain over the eastern Corn Belt.”

Martin says the coldest air coming behind the front should move in midweek next week.

“Wednesday could actually be below normal by a little across most of the Hoosier state, but from there we start to warm things back up. I’m looking for dry weather Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the first part of Saturday. Temperatures will climb through that period late in the week and I’m watching for a minor front to come in next Saturday afternoon to evening. We could see a few hundredths of an inch to a quarter of an inch across parts of the state. Coverage will be 60 percent and then we’re back to dry weather again to kick off the extended period.”

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