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Indiana Hits 20 Percent of Corn Planted


May 5 corn progressThere were 3.3 days suitable for fieldwork in Indiana for the week ending May 4, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region. Average temperatures for the week ranged from 50º to 60º, with a high of 84º and a low of 36º for the state. Precipitation varied considerably from 0.23 inches in the north to as much as 3.48 inches in southern districts.

Farmers tilled fields and planted crops as weather permitted this week. Some smaller operations in the north had completed corn planting by week’s end and began planting soybeans. In the south, farmers were kept out of fields all week long due to high precipitation. Elsewhere in the state, farmers were deterred from planting by cooler-than-average soil temperatures. Some early-planted corn was emerging, albeit slowly. Pasture and winter wheat were reported to be in fair or better condition, and progressing steadily but slowly as well. Some winter kill in wheat was confirmed in Lake and Newton counties. Other activities included the application of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer as well as maintenance of fence rows and tile.

Planted corn progress moved 12 percentage points to twenty percent in Indiana, well ahead of last year but behind the 5 year average of 34 percent. Three percent of soybeans have been planted, also well behind the five year average of 14 percent.

National progress jumped 10 percent to 29 percent complete for corn planting, 13 points behind the 5 year average. Illinois is at 43 percent, Iowa 23 percent, Kentucky 39 percent, and Ohio at just 9 percent. Nationally soybean planting is at just 5 percent.

Source: NASS