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Indiana Homegrown Food will be Featured in State Fair Theme


Wonderful World of Food

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced via social channels Wednesday the theme for the 2017 Indiana State Fair. Again there will be a focus on farmers, and this year the attention is paid to what they’re helping put on your plates.

“Janet and I have enjoyed our frequent visits to the Indiana State Fair over the years and are truly looking forward to our first official fair as Governor and first lady,” he said in the YouTube video. “Today I’m lucky enough the one that tells you that this year’s theme for the great Indiana State Fair is the Wonderful World of Food.”

There will be as much variety built in to the theme as there is variety in Hoosier farm products.

“Here in Indiana we grow it, we sell it, we eat it, and at the 2017 Indiana State Fair we’re going to celebrate it. There’s popcorn, apples, corn dogs and even turkey legs. Each one of them has a homegrown Hoosier connection and a story to tell.”

Stories will also be told about the Indiana mint industry, eggs, honey, tomato farmers who help produce your salsa and ketchup, ice cream, and of course the products from soybean, wheat, beef and hog farmers. Each of the 17 days of the fair, August 4-20, will feature an Indiana food product and a farmer who produces it. It begins on August 4th with soybean farmers in the spotlight on Deep Fried Food Day. Later in the fair a tree farmer will be featured during food On-A-Stick Day.

There will be food samples to enjoy, cooking demonstrations, food eating contests, and recipe sharing.

“Hoosiers have deep connections to food, and there is no better place to showcase how much fun we can have with food than the Great Indiana State Fair” said Cindy Hoye, Executive Director, Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center. “We want to shine the spotlight on all our state has to offer, and we look forward to the celebration of our ‘Wonderful World of Food’ at this year’s Fair.”

Fair organizers also hope attendees will help in sharing the story of how Indiana is feeding the world. Additionally, Fairgoers will get to enjoy many of the featured foods, along with their traditional Fair food favorites, at more than 90 food stands throughout the Fairgrounds.

Here is the featured foods schedule:

Aug. 4 – Deep Fried Food (Soybean Farmer)

Aug. 5 – Melon (Melon Farmer)

Aug. 6 – Popcorn (Popcorn Farmer)

Aug. 7 – Salsa/Ketchup (Tomato Farmer)

Aug. 8 – Egg (Egg Farmer)

Aug. 9 – Pork Burger (Pig Farmer)

Aug. 10 – Funnel Cake (Wheat Farmer)

Aug. 11 – Cheese (Dairy Farmer)

Aug. 12 – Beef (Beef Farmer)

Aug. 13 – Ice Cream (Dairy Farmer)

Aug. 14 – Apples (Apple Farmer)

Aug. 15 – Mint (Mint Farmer)

Aug. 16 – Corn Dog (Corn Farmer)

Aug. 17 – On-A-Stick Day (Tree Farmer)

Aug. 18 – Turkey Leg (Turkey Farmer)

Aug. 19 – Pickles (Cucumber Farmer)

Aug. 20 – Honey (Beekeeper)