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Indiana and Illinois Pork Farmers Donate Ground Pork to Help Feed the Hungry

Ground Pork donated by Illinois Pork Producers, in partnership with Indiana Pork, is ready to be distributed to Food Finders Food Bank clients.

Thanks to a recent win by the Purdue Football team, Hoosiers in need will have ground pork available to them this holiday season.

“Indiana Pork and Illinois Pork Producers partnered for the ‘Pork Power Challenge’ during the recent Purdue vs. University of Illinois football game,” said Jeanette Merritt, Director of Checkoff Programs for Indiana Pork. “We placed a $1000 bet on the outcome of the game. If the University of Illinois won, Indiana Pork would have donated $1000 for ground pork to a food bank in Illinois. But since Purdue won the football game, Illinois Pork had to donate $1000 to a food bank in Indiana!”

The $1000 donation was made to Food Finders Food Bank in Lafayette. Food Finders worked with Lafayette-based Beutler Meats Processing to process and package the ground pork. The ground pork is now available at Food Finders for their clients this holiday season.

“We are ecstatic to receive this donation of ground pork,” said Kier Crites, Chief Operating Officer of Food Finders. “Protein remains one of the top items our clients request for their families and is always in high demand. Donations like this help to save the food bank money and go a long way towards offering nutritious foods to the families we serve”.

“The entire year, but especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, Hoosiers are compassionate to the hunger issue around the state,” said Merritt. “It was fun to partner with the Illinois Pork Producers to provide ground pork to Hoosiers who may be struggling a bit this holiday season.”

In 2016, Food Finders Food Bank distributed 6.6 million pounds of food throughout North Central Indiana.

Source: Indiana Pork