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Indiana Loses National Soybean Leader and Farmer


Jim Schriver passes at 73

Jim SchriverA longtime leader in Indiana agriculture passed away unexpectedly Monday, and he leaves many current board members of the Indiana Soybean Alliance and other farmers missing their reliable sounding board. Jim Schriver farmed near Bluffton and he died at the age of 73.

“Not only in Indiana but from coast to coast, Jim was a great statesman for soybeans and all commodities,” said Dave Lowe, the current president at Indiana soybean. He spoke with HAT from his combine Wednesday. “He was involved in animal agriculture as well. He’ll be dearly missed, a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Schriver was serving his second term as a director for the United Soybean Board and he was president of the Indiana Soybean Board in 2004 and 2005. It was then that he started the task force to merge the two soybean organizations at that time, the Indiana Soybean Growers Association and the Indiana Soybean Board, into what is now the Indiana Soybean Alliance.

Lowe told HAT Schriver was a great statesman because of his uncanny ability to communicate about the business of agriculture.

“Obviously Jim had a way with words for whatever audience was in front of him, whether that be a fellow farmer or a senator. And Jim had such a wealth of information that he could speak intelligently on any different topic.”

Lowe said Schriver was a master at being politely persuasive, and always with the facts. He was always prepared and that’s the greatest lesson Lowe learned.

“One thing I learned from Jim especially is that your opportunity to speak will come. Just make sure you’re ready and make sure you’ve got the right facts. He will be dearly missed, no question.”

Jim Schriver is survived by his wife Jayne, and leaves the farm in the hands of his two grandsons. Visitation is Friday and prior to a Celebration of Life service on Saturday.