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Indiana Preparing for Harvest


Wheat harvest combine near Muncie, Indiana, USAWarmer temperatures and above average rainfall helped bring harvest closer and kept farmers busy, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region. Average temperatures for the week ending September 7 ranged from 71 to 77 degrees, and from 3 degrees to 8 degrees above normal. The lowest recorded temperature for the week was 46 degrees; the highest, 93 degrees. The statewide average temperature for the week was 73.0 degrees, 2.8 degrees above normal. Recorded precipitation ranged from 0.43 to 2.68 inches, with a statewide average of 1.23 inches.

By region, corn denting was 61% in North, 65% in Central, and 72% in the South. By region, corn mature was 10% in North, 17% in Central, and 20% in South. By region, soybeans dropping leaves was 17% in the North, 21% in Central, and 13% in South.

Corn is beginning to dry down with 74% in good to excellent condition, exceeding last year’s crop by 12%. Soybeans are beginning to turn color and exhibit similar conditions at 70% good to excellent this year, versus 56% last year. However, some farmers remain concerned about disease and rot in the fields after the last few weeks’ cool and rainy weather. Farmers have continued harvesting corn silage, seed corn, tomatoes and potatoes. Hay cutting continues to be slow in wetter areas of the state. Livestock was in good condition. Other activities for the week included cleaning bins, hauling grain, preparing equipment for harvest, and roadside mowing.