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Indiana Presents Leadership Workshop at AFBF Convention


INFB leadership workshop

Julie Taylor-IFBOne of the workshops conducted at the recent American Farm Bureau convention was a fun workshop focused on leadership and conducted by Julie Taylor, the Education Coordinator at Indiana Farm Bureau. It might have been all fun and games, but it was aimed at adults wanting to explore self-leadership and leadership of others.

“The presentation is Leadership, it’s all Fun and Games. It’s based around the toy box leadership book that was used in the Leaders in Action program with Indiana Farm Bureau for the last several years. In the presentation we’ve got several different activities going on, a self awareness activity with drawing a picture that they can’t see, hot potato and listening and not being afraid of making decisions, and then four different toy discussions on how toys teach leadership skills to children and how we can translate that on in to our adult life.”

Taylor was to present the workshop with Dr. Julie Klarich, Director of Affiliate Relations at IFB Insurance, but she could not make the trip. The national convention was their first time presenting and the workshop is available now in Indiana.

“She has used the Leaders in Action program and the toy box leadership book for the last several years, so she’s done quite a bit of this, and I was in the pilot class for Leaders in Action, so I went through it with her and they’ve done some staff development too. if a county or a district or another organization would be interested in having us come and present then just call or email and we’ll try to work it out.”

Contact Julie Taylor at jtaylor@infb.org.