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Indiana Schools Benefit From Monsanto Grant Program



This is ag week, a time to focus on educating people about agriculture. One way all farmers can help in this process is by nominating their school district for the Monsanto grant program. As Elizabeth Vancil with America’s Farmers Grow Rural EducationSM explains, farmers can nominate their local schools to receive a special grant from Monsanto, “The process really starts with farmers as they nominate their local school district on line at www.growruraleducation.com.” The process is quick and easy and only requires a few pieces of information.  Once a school has been nominated, they are contacted by Monsanto to explain how they can apply for a grant of up to $24,000. Administrators of nominated school districts may then submit grant applications through April 30, 2013. This year, the program expands to 26 new counties for a total of 1,271 eligible counties across 39 states.


Indiana farmers have participated in the program in goodly numbers; and, as a result, some Indiana schools have benefited. Vancil told HAT that the Flat Rock school in Hope, IN was one of the grant winners in 2012, “They used their $10,000 grant to build an agri-science laboratory to implement a hands-on technical science curriculum for junior and senior high students.”  She said this program will help integrate agriculture into the science program of the district. The grant was made possible because farmers in the area nominated the school in large numbers.


The deadline to nominate a school in your community is April 15. The more folks who nominate a district, the better the chances are they will win. “The more nominations a school gets, the better their chances of getting a winning grant. Community support for the school is part of the judging criteria, ” said Vancil.  Last year, over 8,000 Hoosier farmers participated in the program; so far this year, over 5,000 have nominated schools around the state.


The America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education program is part of a broad commitment by the Monsanto Fund to highlight the important contributions farmers make every day to society.  Following a successful pilot in Minnesota and Illinois, America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education debuted nationally last year, awarding $2.3 million to school districts coast to coast.

 2012 Indiana winning schools


Project Title: Growing a 21st Century STEM-Based Agriculture Science Program –
CRD: IN40 – $25,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
To Be Determined
Project Details:
The grant will be used to increase student enrollment in STEM-based high school agriculture science courses and FFA programs. Clay Community Schools will use the grant to provide teachers with time to develop curriculum, as well as provide agriculture science students and FFA members with classroom sets of iPads.
Nominating Farmers:

Henry Buell Jennifer Buell Nicole Buell Pat Buell
David Burger Jerimiah Burger Jermey Burger Pam Burger
Laura Butt Abby Cooprider Bethanny Cooprider Chet Cooprider
Courtney Cooprider Josh Cooprider Leslie Cooprider Lori Cooprider
Mark Cooprider Mike Cooprider Tyler Cooprider Jamie Faulk
David Hartmann John Hartmann Chirs Koehler Jeff Koehler
John Koehler Shirley Koehler Esther Lints Lymann Lints
Leann Rhodes Lonie Rhodes Roger Rhodes Betty Rupp
Jim Rupp Brenda Shidler Greg Shidler Jack Shidler
Mike Shidler Max Sinders Richard Sinders Sean Sinders
Andrew Tucker Fran Tucker Kristen Tucker Randall Tucker
Calvin Vitz David Vitz Mark Vitz Rita Vitz
Ryan Vitz Mary Woll Steve Woll


Delaware Community School Corp
Project Title: Technology in Science Instruction
CRD: IN60 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
Delta High School
On track before Homecoming football game
3400 E State Rd. 28 , Muncie IN 47303
Oct 5, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Project Details:
After implementing the use of technology in Eaton Elementary School and having a great response, the Delaware Community School Corporation will use the grant to provide Delta Middle and Delta High School with ceiling mounted projectors, wide screens, and integrated sound and document cameras.
Nominating Farmers:

David Berry Sherry Berry Mike Catron Patrica Catron
Janet Hotmire Jeff Hotmire Jeff Hotmire Pete Hotmire
Richard Hotmire David Howell Mary Howell Matthew Lyons
Amanda Miller Robert Miller Larry Shreve Rita Shreve
Betsy Shroyer Jerry Shroyer Jon Shroyer Nicki Sprong


Fairfield Community Schools
Project Title: Elementary Inquiry-Based Science Kits
CRD: IN20 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
Benton Elementary School
Cafeteria- Working with Science Kits
68350 CR 31 , Goshen IN 46526
Sep 27, 2012 at 08:45 AM
Project Details:
Fairfield Community Schools wants to expand its notion of the “basics” beyond reading and math to include science. The grant will be used to purchase equipment and materials for inquiry-based science kits. Each school will have three kits per grade level for approximately 10 weeks.
Nominating Farmers:

Arlen Bobeck Shirley Bobeck Adam Dowty Brad Dowty
Dean Dowty Ed Dowty Larry Dowty Stephaine Dowty
Carol Garber Lori Garber Lynn Garber Mark Garber
Phillip Garber Justin Gardener Camille Hibschman Donna Hibschman
Joe Hibschman Rodger Hibschman Faith Moser Marty Moser
Amanda Smith Tom Smith David Williams


Project Title: AgriScience Laboratory
CRD: IN50 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
Flat Rock-Hawcreek High School
Prior to the Flat Rock-Hawcreek High School boys’ varsity basketball game
9273 North State Road 9 , Hope IN 47246
Dec 14, 2012 at 07:45 PM
Project Details:
Flatrock Hawcreek School Corporation’s goal of creating of an AgriScience Laboratory is to make available hands-on highly technical science curriculum to the students at Hauser Jr. Sr. High School. With an AgriScience Laboratory in place, the school will be able to teach courses such as the Advanced Life Science Animals and Advanced Life Science Plant and Soil.
Nominating Farmers:

Bonnie Baute John Baute Justin Baute Seth Baute
John Burbrink Alva Dailey Carol Dailey Gary Dodd
Pat Dodd Tom Dodd Ben Finke Cheryl Finke
Katie Finke Tom Finke John David Harker Bill Lentz
Everett Newkirk Jason Pence Donald Schroer John Shireman
Michael Shireman Jeff Shoaf Marcus Speer Richard Young


Jennings County Schools 
North Vernon , IN
Project Title: Learning Math & Science with Technology
CRD: IN90 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
Sand Creek Elementary School
Second Grade Classrooms
1450 W. Co. Rd. 500 N. , North Vernon IN 47265
Oct 25, 2012 at 09:00 AM
Project Details:
The grant will be used to purchase a classroom set of iPads for the second grade students at Sand Creek Elementary. The iPads will provide hands-on technology for students’ use.
Nominating Farmers:

Chris Bailey Jessica Bailey Anita Biehle Marvin Biehle
Greg Browning Jeff Browning Melissa Browning Scottie Browning
John Eaton Frank Helt Gerald Helt John Helt
Judy Helt Paul Helt George Kreutzjans Jeff Kreutzjans
Mary Kreutzjans Christie Mcdonald Daniel Mcdonald Judy Mcdonald
Mamie Mcdonald Tim Mcdonald Wayne Mcdonald Dwayne Sporleder
Patrcia Sporleder Dave Vogel David Vogel


Project Title: Biology and Agriculture Technology for 21st Century Learners
CRD: IN10 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
Oregon-Davis High School
Gym Assembly
5990 N 750 E , Hamlet IN 46532
Oct 18, 2012 at 07:00 AM
Project Details:
The grant will be used to purchase the appropriate technology to be used in a course titled BioAg that combines the curriculum of both Biology and the Fundamentals of Agriculture. Necessary equipment for this course includes; Pasco probeware and accessories, Proscopes, and graphing calculators.
Nominating Farmers:

Kyle Awald Richard Awald Warren Burch Kurt Hayes
James Mickow James Mickow Farms Inc. Gene Pflugshaupt Rebecca Pflugshaupt
Kenneth Porter Terry Pucel Helen Samuelson


Project Title: Pike Central Agriculture Department
CRD: IN70 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
To Be Determined
Project Details:
The grant will be used to purchase fertilizer injection and germination equipment for the school greenhouses. This will incorporate math into the curriculum by utilizing plumbing, evapotranspiration and fertilizer rate calculations for plants growing in the greenhouses. The grant will also be used to purchase three new Gas Metal Arc Welders, giving Agriculture students more opportunity to learn about the science of metallurgy and welding.
Nominating Farmers:

Brenda Arnold Dennis Arnold Nicole Arnold Todd Arnold
Patty Barnett Tom Barnett Vernon Barnett C. Keith Breidenbaugh
Elizabeth Brenton Forrest Brenton Donald Eck Jamen Frederick
Mike Frederick Patty Frederick Charlene Garland Jeff Garland
Randy Garland Tom Garland Myron Krohn Nancy Krohn
Daniel Lechner Faye Luff Mark Luff Chris Mclaughlin
Faron Mclaughlin James Mclaughlin Sherri Mclaughlin Shirley Mclaughlin
Tracy Mclaughlin Cindy Pauw Elaine Pauw Ken Pauw
Neal Pauw Carol Stone Mike Stone Michael Whaley
Robin Whaley


Project Title: Putting Down Roots
CRD: IN80 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
To Be Determined
Project Details:
The grant will be used to fund the “Putting Down Roots” program which gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in science, math and agriculture by pairing students together to learn hands-on about trees. Using the right equipment elementary students will measure the diameter of the trees, count leaves, and track the number of surviving trees while older students will calculate growth percentages, survival rates, and predict future growth.
Nominating Farmers:

Todd Ewen Aaron Fordyce Chris Fordyce Julie Fordyce
Aaron Lee Glenna Lee Brian Newby Dawn Newby
Darren Trueblood Kim Trueblood Rita Trueblood Stephen Trueblood


Project Title: SC’s Agricultural-Collaboration-Education (ACE) Program
CRD: IN10 – $25,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
To Be Determined
Project Details:
After South Central Community School Corporation recently implemented an agricultural program, teachers agreed that there is a need for students to increase their math, science, and agricultural understanding through the use of a greenhouse. The grant will be used to provide hands-on greenhouse activities for students to gain knowledge of the importance of food production.
Nominating Farmers:

Edward Bowmar Larry Brust Margo Brust Andrew Evers
Andrew Hagenow Phillip Hagenow Sharon Hagenow Stephen Hagenow
Annette Hardin Bradly Hardin Jeff Hardin Kevin Hardin
Stephaine Hardin Hollie Herrold Jeff Herrold Diane Huhnke
Crystal Keopke Mitchell Malstaff Shirley Malstaff Michael Niksch
Jennie Nisch Scott Rice Deb Smoker Greg Smoker
James Smoker Mathew Smoker Phyllis Smoker Brad Walter
Karole Welkie Andrea Welsh Angela Welsh Carol Welsh
Curt Welsh Diana Welsh Dick Welsh Matt Welsh
Matthew Welsh Rick Welsh Pat Werner


Southwest Parke Community School Corp
Project Title: Digital Curriculum Initiative
CRD: IN40 – $10,000 Winner
Celebration Details:
Southwest Parke CSC
Football Field- Between 1st and 2nd Quarter
4851 S. Coxville Rd. , Montezuma IN 47862
Sep 21, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Project Details:
Teachers at Southwest Parke Community School District believe that technology is an essential part of their teaching practices. The grant will be used to implement digital curriculum and train teachers on software that will enhance the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program.
Nominating Farmers:

Phillip Adams Barbara Brown Brandon Brown Larry Brown
Brad Clapp Angie Dickey Lori Dickey Mike Dickey
Tim Dickey Debra Stone Kevin Stone