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Indiana Soybean Checkoff Celebrates New Use of Soybeans at Children’s Museum

Indiana Soybean Checkoff Celebrates New Use of Soybeans at Children’s Museum
Indiana Soybean Checkoff Celebrates New Use of Soybeans at Children’s Museum

Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) hosted an event for soybean farmers from across Indiana on Sunday, September 9th. The event, held at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, showcased a new use of soybeans — the newly added sports fields in the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legend Experience. The SYNLawn turf backing used in the sports fields were all created with soybean oil as a key component, a sustainable — and Indiana-grown — alternative to petroleum oil.

“I think this event has done a great job of showcasing what the Indiana Soybean Checkoff is all about: increasing demand by creating more ways to use soybeans.” said Melanie Fitzpatrick, Indiana Soybean Alliance Senior Director of Marketing & Communications.

The event, hosted by the Indiana Soybean Alliance, invited more than 1,000 soybean farmers and their families to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. ISA is the checkoff organization that represents Indiana soybean farmers by investing in soybean research, promotion and education. Finding new uses for soybeans is part of the Indiana Soybean Alliance’s focused effort to grow soybean demand.

“ISA wants soybean farmers to know that the Indiana Soybean Alliance invests in programs that make a difference for farmers like research and demand creation. This event celebrates the success of those investments,” stated Anngie Steinbarger, Indiana Soybean Alliance Board Executive Committee Officer.

The soybean oil-backed turf created by SYNLawn is yet another example the diverse uses for Indiana’s soybeans. SYNLawn is an exceptional partner to America’s soybean growers and has worked with the United Soybean Board to educate customers from coast-to-coast about the value of soybean oil used in their products – such as the turf at the Riley’s Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience.

“Soybeans are important to us because we use them in our products, such as our synthetic lawn backing and as binders in our synthetic mulch. Our company is privileged to work with homeowners, commercial developers, researchers, and farmers when it comes to synthetic landscaping materials. We are always looking for ways to incorporate more biodegradable and sustainable products into what we do, and Indiana soybeans have really helped us move in that direction,” stated Rob Dant, Corporate Director of Commercial Development for SYNLawn, on Sunday during the event’s program.

New uses such as the soybean oil-based turf backing, petroleum oil replacement in Goodyear Assurance WeatherReadyTM Tires on 77% of cars, SUVs, crossovers, pick-ups and minivans, and concrete sealer to prevent water and salt saturation, are all sustainable innovations that drive soybean use.

“Today we are celebrating soybeans – and the transformation of this important commodity crop into something completely unexpected. From my farm field to the sports fields kids are playing on right now – it’s a pretty great feeling to know the research we invest in is paying off for Indiana soybean farmers,” Steinbarger added.

During the day Rowdie, the Indianapolis Indians’ mascot, and Freddie Fever, the Fever’s mascot, joined Indiana Soybean Alliance’s Bennie the Bean to entertain event attendees. But the real celebration centered around soybean farmers and the innovative new uses of Indiana soybeans that drive new soybean demand.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience was opened to the public in 2018. Celebrating Indianapolis’ rich sports history and physical fitness, this permanent addition to the museum is an exciting family-friendly experience for all ages.

“We take great pride in transforming lives through the experiences we provide and it’s just as important to show we are committed to responsible programs, products and experiences. This is a good learning opportunity for families to better understand farm to turf – in other words, what are the latest products that are being created that can also be sustainable and recyclable – thus, giving farmers a broader market for their crops. Our turf provides an accessible, authentic experience for our legends-in-training to train like the pros while withstanding high-volume use and Midwest seasonal elements,” said Dr. Jeffrey H. Patchen, president and CEO, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

To find out more about the Indiana Soybean Alliance, visit www.indianasoybean.com. For more information about The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis or the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience, visit www.childrensmuseum.org/sports-experience.

Source: Indiana Soybean Alliance