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Indiana Soybean Farmer Participating in National Leadership Program


Matt Chapman, a soybean farmer from Springport, Ind., was recently selected to participate in American Soybean Association’s Leadership At Its Best development program.

Leadership at Its Best is designed to hone the leadership skills of emerging soybean farmer-leaders. The program has been in place for 22 years and more than 400 ASA members have graduated from the program. 

Chapman began the program in August in Greensboro, N.C. with the 13 other class members. During their time in North Carolina, the class sharpened their communications skills and grew in their understanding of national attitudes toward agriculture.

“I learned that all farmers are facing challenges across the country from growing government regulation to the need for more conversation with consumers who regulate us with their vote without fully understanding how we farm today,” Chapman said. “More specifically I learned how our voice as producers needs to be heard alongside our personal story. This is what consumers need to hear and will believe.”

Chapman decided to participate in Leadership at Its Best because of the opportunities it offers him to develop as a leader and be actively involved in the agriculture industry into the future.

“I have seen the impact this program has had on our national leadership along with Indiana’s own soybean farmers, like Tom Griffiths and Joe Steinkamp,” he said. “I saw this as a great way to gain skills to help me be in a leadership position someday on whatever board I am part of. This program can only make me a better representative for agriculture at all levels.”

Leadership At Its Best participants from Indiana are selected by the Indiana Soybean Alliance. If you are interested in becoming involved with ISA, please contact Hannah Brescher, director of education and training at 317-347-3620 or hbrescher@indianasoybean.com

(Pictured: Matt Chapman of Springport, Ind. is participating in the American Soybean Association’s Leadership At Its Best program. Chapman currently serves as a director on the Indiana Soybean Alliance board)

Source: ISA