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Indiana Soybean Harvest Moving Ahead Fast


Indiana Soybean Harvest Moving Ahead Fast


Piel_RyanThe Indiana soybean harvest is rolling along and making good progress.  The USDA weekly crop report was not released yesterday because of the federal holiday but will be out this afternoon. It is expected to show good harvest progress in Indiana.  Thus far, the 2016 harvest has been much less stressful than much of the growing season. Ryan Piel, with DuPont Pioneer, says weather conditions have been ideal for a timely and orderly harvest, “Conditions are really good, and we have had a good window to get a lot of beans harvested. The nice part is that all the soybeans are ready, no waiting around for the crop to get ready.”


Piel says bean yields have been outstanding with 80 bpa yields quite common.  He credits the August rains for the good yields, “August rains make soybeans; it is as simple as that.”  Peal said, from what we have seen, the early planted soybeans are yielding a bit better than some of the later planted soybeans; but, in general, yields are good for both crops.


Stalk integrity has been the issue in corn. Piel says much of the later planted corn, which has yet to be harvested, is in danger of lodging in some areas. He urges growers to get the crop as soon as is feasible, “We are going strong, so just keep going and get this crop out quickly.” Peal does not expect later corn yields to be as good as early planted corn yields.


Listen to the complete report from Ryan Piel under the crops tab on this web site.


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