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Indiana Soybean Promoting Livestock to Hoosier Communities


ISA livestock study

Indiana Soybean Alliance is again promoting animal agriculture in the state, this time with a new study to assist economic developers and local communities. The research conducted by the Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business at Indiana University looks closely at the benefits of growing animal agriculture industries in the state. ISA funded it for one simple reason, says board member Joe Steinkamp.

Indiana Soybean Alliance is all about moving more soybeans, and we want to move more soybeans to our #1 customer and that is livestock,” he said. “And the best way to help impact Indiana soybean farmers is to have more livestock in Indiana to eat up our soybeans.”

The study makes it clear that communities should also take a close look at the research and how animal agriculture is a great benefit to economic development.

“Livestock is a great way to add jobs to their county, and there is a big multiplier effect for each one. If you’re going to put more hogs in, for every hundred people who work in the hog industry there’s another 41 jobs in the state, and every dollar the hog facility generates, it’s going to generate 1.6 dollars out in the community.”

He adds they’re consistent, steady jobs throughout the year. The report deals with more than just hog operations, and one area that jumped out at Steinkamp was broiler and egg facilities.

“There’s lots of employment and there’s a sales multiplier. The jobs are fair pay jobs and those people working in those jobs are going back out and moving in the local community and buying and shopping, and sending their kids to schools in each one of these communities.”

One of the benefits of the regional economic study is the detail it provides on the direct impact of animal agriculture but also anticipated ripple, or multiplier, effects within economic systems. Researchers concluded that growing animal industries beyond the current 21,200 animal agriculture operations and nearly $3.7 billion in sales will boost Indiana’s position among the nation’s leaders and expand economic opportunity in the state.

“Indiana’s hogs, cattle and poultry are an Indiana soybean farmer’s best customers, consuming 95 percent of all soybean meal produced in the state each year,” added Tom Griffiths, Indiana Soybean Alliance Chairman and a farmer in Kendallville. “This study shows the livestock industry will continue to enhance and increase the value of our soybeans and will also support local communities across the state that choose to embrace the industry’s growth.”

Indiana is widely known as a major agriculture producer. According to the latest USDA Census of Agriculture, Indiana ranked among the nation’s top 10 agricultural states with $11.2 billion in sales. The state is home to every major category of animal agriculture.

Steinkamp on livestock operations and Indiana jobs:Animal treatment and jobs for the community

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