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Indiana State Fair 2021 Return Announced


The Indiana State Fair is happening in 2021. The good news came early Tuesday morning along with dates, a theme, and a slightly revised calendar.

“We are so grateful and excited to be bringing Hoosiers back together again late this summer, so the 164th Indiana state fair will be happening July 30 through August 22,” said Sharon Smith, director of communications at the state fair.

Smith told HAT that Hoosiers attending the fair are part of theme by virtue of their spirit and resiliency. The theme is Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit.

“And we all know that Hoosiers are resilient and definitely show grit in hard times. It’s particularly kind of special this year that we really raise up the Hoosier spirit and all things Indiana, which is what we always do at the Indiana State Fair.”

The Indiana State Fair’s adjusted calendar will include four weekends and a closed fairgrounds each Monday and Tuesday of the run. Why?

“It helps to spread out fair attendance across a new weekend, and we know that that will help kind of manage crowds as well as really play to the time when people are most likely to attend anyway, which is over the weekend,” Smith said. “So, adding an extra weekend will really benefit our guests.”

After a year off because of the pandemic, fairgoers should recognize the state fair they’re accustomed to.

“You know we do anticipate a lot of what fairgoers love happening again this year. Everything from the midway carnival rides to all of the fun fair foods and 4-H competitions and free entertainment. We’ll be making more announcements as planning continues over the next few weeks.”

Officials have been working with the Indiana State Department of Health as plans have been formulated, and they will continue to do so.

“We have almost three full months before we open the 2021 Indiana State Fair, and we are confident that with our 250+ acre, mostly outdoor campus we will be able to host our Fair late this summer,” Indiana State Fair Commission Executive Director Cindy Hoye said. “We are thankful to the State Department of Health for their collaboration and continued guidance on getting us back to hosting this important community event.”

For more information, visit www.indianastatefair.com.