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Indiana State Fair Board Elects New Leadership


state fair crowdOn Thursday the Indiana State Fair Board and Commission held their annual joint meeting where newly appointed and elected Fair Board members were announced, officers were elected and both groups recapped a successful 2015 Indiana State Fair. This election marks a positive shift in board leadership focused on being a valuable advisory resource through committees and ambassadors for all of Indiana to ensure a safe and efficient Fair for years to come. The 2016 Indiana State Fair Board Officers are as follows:


President of the Board: Bill Leininger

                Vice President: Dr. Jim Weisman

                Secretary: Jackie Bell     


“I’ve had the honor of working with the board as we have transitioned through change for the better in full support by the Governor’s Office and Commission,” said newly elected Indiana State Fair Board President, Bill Leininger. “I am looking forward to making the 2016 Fair bigger and better while continuing to foster a positive spirit for the board.”


Bill Leininger is a retired school teacher and board member from Akron, IN. Leininger grew up on a dairy farm, has raised sheep and been involved with the Indiana State Fair for the past 40 years.


In September the Indiana State Fair Board elections took place and Scott Fritz is the newly elected representative of the Fair Board from Winamac, IN, representing District 1. Julia Wickard joined the Fair Board as the Governor Appointee for District 4 from Greenfield, IN. Todd Uhl was re-elected to the Fair Board representing District 5.