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Indiana State Fair Food Menu Brings Out the Creativity



Many who spend a day or more at the Indiana State Fair will tell you all about the various food items they dove into, and this year has even more exotic concoctions on the menu. Take for example the new Indiana Pork signature item.

“We have taken our pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and coleslaw, put them in a banana split boat and are calling it an Indiana Pork BBQ Split,” explained Jeanette Merritt, Director of Checkoff Programs for Indiana Pork. “In the first couple of days of pre-fair activities we had our tents open and they were flying out the doors. People love them and say they are delicious.”

Merritt personally endorses this new creation.

“I could eat macaroni and cheese with anything, so in support of our dairy farmers I love that,” she told HAT. “It’s a great combination, I love it, and it’s only $9. We always encourage people when they come to the fair to find value while you’re here, and this is a whole meal and a lot of food. We think people will like it and I sure love it too.”

The Indiana Pork BBQ Split is available at the three Indiana Pork tent locations during the Indiana State Fair, located in front of the Swine Barn, in front of the West Pavillion (Cattle Barn) and near Pioneer Village.

Merritt, also a member of the state fair board of directors, says there are plenty of other great food items from Indiana’s commodity groups.

“The Indiana Beef cattlemen have always had a great tent with their ribeye’s, the people line up for those. The Dairy Bar, our Indiana Dairy friends, had great support for their milkshake and their new signature food this year which is a couple of hash browns and a lot of grilled cheese in the middle. People really seem to love those. There’s a lot of support of agriculture at other places on the fairgrounds. The sheep industry is represented with some lamb tacos and shepherd pie made out of lamb this year, and other non-commodity groups that really are taking pride in serving pork, and beef and dairy at their tents as well. There’s just something for everybody out here.”

So, as most already do, be sure and plan on lunch or dinner when you visit the Indiana State Fair.