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Indiana State Fair Year of Coliseum Opens


Year of Coliseum opens

Coliseum Box OfficeThe Year of the Coliseum is here with the first day of the Indiana State Fair, and after a long wait 4-H events return to the grand old venue with the new shine and 21st century technology. Cindy Hoye, the Executive Director of the Indiana State Fair is one of many who have planned and waited anxiously for this day.

“I’m always excited on opening day, always excited to show people what’s in store, but this day is very, very special,” she told HAT.

The opening ceremony has been moved to the Fairgrounds Coliseum and a free concert will rock it tonight, but then a familiar site will show up, animals.

“Today is a little bit of an anomaly. Today is opening day in the Coliseum and we’ll have BritBeat, a tribute to the Beatles, free tonight at 7:00. But then after that we’ll take the stage out and we’ll do what we love to do. It’s filled with dirt and the 4-H kids will be showing their cattle. We’ll also have dairy, we’ll have mule and donkey, and then we turn around and we bring in draft horses.”

Cindy Hoye-14Two premiere events for Indiana agriculture are back in the Coliseum, although the spotlight sale was replaced by the celebration awards last year.

“As a highlight for this kids in 4-H we’ll do the Grand Drive, which is to me one of those special pinnacles of the fair to see all those kids bring their animals in. they’re very nervous and anxious and excited and their families are around. then we’ll end up with the celebration awards and again that’s an exclamation point to showcase kids in agriculture. We’re very excited about that.”

Big name concerts also return to the Coliseum after so many years at the grandstand.

“It’s a nod to our history. There used to be concerts in the Coliseum and they’re back again this year on a limited basis. There are 6 concerts and we start with BritBeat tonight, and then we’ll come back with Phillip Phillips and American Idol, and go into Hunter Hayes and Pitbull, and then we’ll end with Jim Gaffigan who is a comedian from Indiana on the last Sunday.”