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Indiana to be Home of National Soil Health Tour in 2014


NACD comes to Indy

Earl Garber NACDIndiana is at the forefront of innovative conservation efforts on and around the farm, and the National Association of Conservation Districts recognizes it enough to bring its summer board meeting to the state in 2014. They’re also scheduling stops for a Soil Health Conservation Tour.

“We’re very excited about moving our summer board meeting that we’ve been having in Washington DC for the last 10-12 years out to the landscape,” said Earl Garber from Louisiana, President of NACD. “Our selection by the board was to go to Indianapolis, Indiana.

He told HAT soil health will be the focal point of the meeting and tour.

“The state of Indiana has been on the forefront and cutting edge of this soil health effort with cover crops being kind of the main focus to get it going. Many other things are being developed to go along with it to improve soils, to make them stronger and more productive and reduce the loss of nutrients in soil itself into the water streams of America. So it’s exciting to be going to where all of the technology has been developed for this and we hope we can showcase it.”

The association hopes to use the Indiana event as a springboard for larger events each year.

“Our goal is to make this somewhat of a conservation expo and we hope we can grow it even larger in the future and have corporations and agencies in the USDA and other agencies, even the EPA to be involved in showing how we can do all of this voluntarily and yet accomplish what they’re asking for.”

The tour and summer meeting will be held July 18-22 in 2014. Hear more from Garber in the HAT interview:Earl Garber-NACD