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Indiana Wheat Breaking Dormancy


wheat greenLate spring and winter aftermath have slowed progress for the week ending April 13, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region. Temperatures ranged from 1º F to 9º above normal, with a weeklong high of 80º and a low of 22º. Precipitation ranged from .01 to 1.67 inches. Continuing rains in most parts of the state this week contributed to surplus moisture conditions on the ground. Little to no corn and no soybeans have been planted to date. Winter wheat and pasture are greening statewide. Mint planting is underway.

Fieldwork remains limited mostly to application of dry fertilizers and some pesticides, clearing fence rows and ditches, and some tillage in northern districts. Livestock operations generally have adequate hay reserves, but some are beginning to turn herds out to pasture. Other activities include some late harvesting of 2013 corn, grain hauling, and preparing machinery for planting season. Fifty-five percent of top soil is rated as having surplus moistusre.

Source: Indiana NASS