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Indianapolis Farm Expo December 11-13 Highlights Technology and Innovation



The annual 3-day farm show each December at the Indiana State Fairgrounds is being resurrected in two weeks with a new name and a new emphasis on the changes that are becoming a part of agriculture. Hoosier Ag Today and Farm World Newspaper have put together the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo with the focus squarely on technology and new innovations, according to HAT President Gary Truitt.

“Indiana is really a hub of new innovations, and this is not science. This is not the lab. These are not the geeks,” he explains. “This is where technology gets practical. We’re taking technology, not the theoretical that may be in the marketplace someday, we’re taking the taking the technology that is being used and can be used in agriculture production today, and showing farmers, and giving them exposure as to how they can use this technology on their farm to improve their operations in many cases to lower their costs.”

There is a lot of talk about the role of drones in agriculture, and Purdue Extension will be at the expo to present important new information gathered by their drone program.

“All summer long Purdue Extension has been taking drones out to Indiana farms and using them in farming operations to do crop scouting, to do crop evaluations, disease management, evaluation on tile and drainage, all kinds of research that Purdue has been doing, and they will have the results of that cutting-edge research on display. They’ll have videos, they’ll have the actual farmers and extension educators who participated in the research at the show.”

Purdue will use drones at the expo to show you how they compiled their work. Each day a $1,000 drone package will be awarded. Your free registration to the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo qualifies you for the drone giveaway.

Next in this space you’ll learn about keynote speakers for the expo and the new seminars and demonstration and coffee shop areas on the expo floor December 11-13. More is at indianafarmexpo.com.