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Indiana’s Rick Clark Receives 2021 National No-Till Innovator Award


The National No-Tillage Conference is taking place in Louisville this week. Williamsport, IN farmer Rick Clark was a presenter at the event and was also given the National No-Till Innovator Award for 2021.

“It’s an honor… That is an award that is given to you by your peers, and that means a lot. That’s saying that what I’m doing are the right things to be doing. So, I couldn’t be more proud.”

Clark farms about 7,000 acres near Williamsport and has gained notoriety in the industry as one of a handful of farmers who is making organic no-till work. He seeds cover crops, plants his cash crops green, and has incorporated livestock on the farm to diversify the operation.

“Since we no longer use any synthetic inputs on our farm, we do not use any P or K, any chemistry, any insecticides, pesticides, we use none of those items anymore, and when you take what we used to use and put it in today’s pricing model, it works out to about $1.3 million of savings annually. And that’s repeatable.”

In the full HAT interview with Clark below, he talks more about the National No-Tillage Conference and how he’s looking ahead to the future of farming and soil health by studying epigenetics.