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Indigo Ag’s New App to Market Your Grain


Indigo Ag is a company that prides itself on improving grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through the use of natural microbiology and digital technologies. Their new app, Marketplace, is one of those digital technologies aiming to improve profitability.

Morgan Dugan, Vice President and General Manager of Indigo Ag’s Eastern US region, explains.

“We take the cost and friction out of selling your grain or even for a buyer buying the grain. We can help farmers and buyers with understanding the market better, with moving that grain around with our transportation, or even managing their pricing risk with our Indigo pricing products.”

Dugan says the app is a great tool, but there are other ways to interact with Indigo Ag to market your grain if you’d rather.

“You can go to our app on the app store on the iPhone, you can see a ton of data, you can manage your information, you can click and transact right there through the app. We have a robust web platform, or, you know, farmers really often want to work with people and we have grain marketing specialists focused on each area of the country. So, when a farmer just wants to work with a human also, they can get one of our grain marketing specialists to do that.”

You can learn more about Marketplace and how to enrich your soil and improve your profit with Indigo Carbon at indigoag.com.