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Indigo’s Marketplace Allows Growers, Buyers to Trade Grain On-Demand


More farmers than ever are working in digital spaces, and Indigo Ag is meeting farmers there to trade grain.

Typically the first step in the process is picking up your phone to call a buyer. Heather Gieseke, head of North American crop marketing trade operations, says the traditional way of trading grain might not work as well in the current environment.

“We live in a very on-demand culture where if you want a cheeseburger, you can have it show up at your door in 20 minutes,” she says. “Why should grain trading be any different?”

Indigo’s Marketplace Platform is software that’s designed to bring buyers and sellers together any time, anywhere.

“I’m going to go into my smartphone, download the Marketplace app, put in some basic information—the location of my farm and some basic demographic information—and right away, I can pull up a list of bids that are prioritized by my specific location,” says Gieseke. “It’s automatically collecting all of those bids. Not only that, but you can then go and actually transact on that bid.”

Boiling it down, Gieseke says Marketplace is a simpler, more efficient way to trade grain.

“On the grain buying side, there’s a lot more optimization that happens,” she says. “We have buyer insight tools, we have contracting functionality that will be coming online, as well as the ability to have your own branded storefront within Marketplace. As a grower comes into Marketplace, if they want to interact with ABC Co-Op, they can have a customized experience with that buyer wants them to have in that digital space.”

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