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INFB Ag in the Classroom Workshops Go Virtual (and Free)


Indiana Farm Bureau’s Agriculture in the Classroom program is going virtual due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. The deadline to register is tomorrow (May 29). The workshops are also now free of charge.

The workshops are designed to prepare educators and in-class volunteers to integrate available resources and hands-on activities about agriculture and the environment into an existing classroom curriculum. Attending a workshop gives educators an opportunity to learn from local experts in agriculture and ask questions. The workshops also are designed to prepare INFB members, who volunteer in schools through the Ag in the Classroom program, to learn new activities to be included in classroom visits.

The following is from the Indiana Farm Bureau events website:

You can customize your own attendance by selecting from a variety of topics on various dates and at times to accommodate your schedule. Best of all – they are free and open to everyone!
Each 60-minute virtual workshop features unique lessons from ag leaders across Indiana. Please be sure to register for each session where indicated. A seperate registration is required for each date/time*

June 1

  • 10 – 11 a.m. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
    • Experts at Beck’s Hybrids share processes used to grow and sustain today’s agriculture crops. Topics include, GMOs, precision ag, GIS, career opportunities and more.
    • INFB Ag in the Classroom volunteer update (members only) features the latest news about AITC programs and events and offers ideas for creating timely and relevant classroom activities.

June 2

  • 10 – 11 a.m. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
    • Garden Tower Basics for Schools shows how a food services employee successfully incorporated a garden tower into the school as a valuable source for education, nutrition and student participation.
    • Corteva staff share creative puzzles and projects and the Purple Plow Challenge which is helping to create solutions for the world’s agriculture issues.
    • Aerial Imagery and the Benefits of Drones in today’s agriculture.
    • Ancilla College – located in northern Indiana – provides a look into their innovative agriculture degree programs and their new veterinary nursing degree program featuring hands-on learning experiences for anyone who loves animals – big or small.
    • Enjoy a virtual tour of Homestead Dairy and hear about the latest milking technology and how COVID19 affected the dairy industry.

June 4

  • 10 – 11 a.m. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
    • Purdue University Entomology provides classroom activites and curriculum for incorporating insects and bugs into student learning. You’ll also hear about the annual Bug Bowl!
    • Hooray for Hydroponics will showcase Aquapon LLC greenhouse where tilapia fish are being raised hydroponically and sold directly to consumers in southern Indiana. You’ll also learn how Julie’s Farm Fresh grows lettuce and herbs in a hydroponic greenhouse.
    • Ivy Tech Columbus presents a brief virtual walk through of their one-of-a-kind mobile ag trailer which is available to come directly to your school as an interactive resource for students learning about a wide variety of ag-related topics.
    • Indiana Dairy shares inventive learning for dairy foods, farming and nutrition – including top dairy farming facts to know, dairy nutrition basics and how to taste-test dairy products in the classroom along with discussion plans.

If you have questions or need help with registration, please call 317-692-7846 or email us at odt@infb.org. To learn more about Agriculture in the Classroom visit us at www.infb.org.