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INFB Bringing Top Legislative Issues to Indiana Congressional Delegation


Over the past two weeks, Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron traveled the state to meet with Farm Bureau members and legislators. They met with six members of Indiana’s congressional delegation including Sen. Todd Young and U.S. Reps. Jim Baird, Trey Hollingsworth, Frank Mrvan, Victoria Spartz and Jackie Walorski to discuss the top ag-related issues.

Kron says, “The first one that came up and it came up at every one was the discussion in our nation’s capital about the loss of stepped-up basis which will have a huge impact if you’re a capital-intensive business, and you know agriculture is very capital intensive with land.”

Kron adds that farmers are also concerned about capital gains.

“One of the proposals that’s on the table right now is paying the capital gains at death and not like if you inherit ground and you sell it 10 years later, you pay the capital gains when you sell it. There’s a discussion about paying it at death which will have a huge impact on agriculture. There’s actual concern about how you pass the farm along to the next generation.

Kron says it was great getting to meet with legislators in person.

“They were just good meetings. The whole purpose of this, one is to bring our issues to the legislators, but it’s also about building relationships. I want to say a big thank you to our Indiana delegation for taking the time to meet with us…We’re pretty fortunate to have a delegation here in Indiana that is supportive of agriculture, overall.”

According to Kron they also discussed broadband, labor, trade, and more with the congressional delegation. You can hear my full interview with Kron below.