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INFB Health Plan Holders See Significant Savings Compared to Previous Coverage


To learn more about the experiences of Hoosiers enrolled in Indiana Farm Bureau Health Plans, Indiana Farm Bureau surveyed plan holders, enrolled as of March 2021. Of those members who responded, over three quarters said their health plan is less expensive than their previous coverage, with an average savings of over $350 per month. The survey revealed that 96% of plan holders would recommend INFB Health Plans to others.

In fact, 85% of respondents reported they chose INFB Health Plans because of the affordability, 49% said because of the availability of nationwide in-network providers via UnitedHealthcare, and 45% because the suite of health care offerings was backed by Indiana Farm Bureau. *

The survey, which was distributed to INFB Health Plan holders in early April, asked questions ranging from how they heard about the offerings, to why they chose their plan, and their overall customer experience during the application process.

“Hearing directly from plan holders provides us with vital insights on what is most important to members when it comes to affordable health care, as well as how we can best serve them as a customer,” said Patrick Williams, INFB Health Plans manager. “We were encouraged to see that 95% of respondents rated the application process as easy, and 90% felt well-guided and communicated with through the application process.”

The personal stories shared by members highlight how INFB Health Plans impacts lives, through the significant savings and quality coverage.

Joe Kuhn, INFB member in Warrick County, retired two years ago at age 55 and was in the market for new health care when prices started escalating on his retiree health package.

“People are working because of the good health care benefits you get as an employee,” said Kuhn. “When you retire you are really on your own. There was a lot to choose from in the marketplace, but I wasn’t happy with anything until I found INFB Health Plans.”

Joe and his wife applied for INFB Health Plans after he heard about the offering from a previous co-worker whose husband is an INFB member.

“If you are under 65 and retired, the options out there aren’t great,” Kuhn said. “With INFB Health Plans, I’m saving nearly $1,000 a month, and I’m still able to get the preventative care and access to nationally accepted providers. If anything should happen and I need to see a specialist out of state, I know I’m covered.”

Kuhn isn’t the only one turning to INFB Health Plans before Medicare is available. In fact, 22% of Hoosiers enrolled in the Traditional Health Plans, inclusive of individual and family plans, are 55 to 64 years old.

“I didn’t have dental insurance before and now it’s included with my plan. Most retirees don’t have dental insurance because it’s usually too expensive, and you’re better off paying out of pocket,” explained Kuhn.

Nearly a quarter of Hoosiers who have a dental and vision plan or a Traditional Health Plan bundled with dental and vision are 55 and over.

“INFB is filling a real need in the market. The plans and competitive rates are the most similar to my health care when I was working. It’s the best value out there in my opinion,” concluded Kuhn.

To learn more about INFB Health Plans and apply for coverage, please visit www.INFBhealthplans.com.