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INFB PACs Endorse Candidates in General Election


Indiana Farm Bureau’s nonpartisan political action committees, ELECT and AgELECT, have endorsed candidates running for office in the Nov. 6 general election. The ELECT makes endorsements and provides support in federal races. AgELECT is a state-level PAC that supports and makes endorsements in Statehouse races.

The goal of ELECT and AgELECT is to support ag-friendly candidates running for elected office.

“At the state and federal level, many legislative decisions are made each year that can impact Hoosier farmers’ bottom line and how they run their operations,” said Katrina Hall, INFB director of public policy. “We need elected officials in Congress and at the Statehouse who are willing to listen to and advocate for Indiana’s farmers throughout the legislative process.”

The PACs have endorsed 91 candidates running in the general election. That includes eight candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives, 61 candidates running for the Indiana House and 22 candidates running for the Indiana Senate. INFB PACs do not endorse candidates in statewide races.

ELECT and AgELECT endorsements are made through a multi-step process, starting with recommendations from INFB members who live in the district. This format stays true to the grassroots nature of the organization.

“The endorsements are based on recommendations from our members, many of whom have met face-to-face with candidates this year,” said Hall. “INFB’s PACs work to ensure that our members’ voices are heard by assisting candidates who understand the fundamentals of the Indiana agricultural community.”

ELECT and AgELECT endorsements are recognition of candidates’ support of policies that will foster a positive environment for agriculture and rural communities across the state.

Follow this link to see the full list of INFB PAC endorsements.

Source: Indiana Farm Bureau