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Investing in Efficiency


Investing in Efficiency

Drago corn headAs growers look to maximize production and minimize costs in 2016, a new corn head could be part of the equation. While farmers are holding tight to their pocketbooks at the farm shows this season, many are seeing the advantages of some new implements that will add efficiency to their farming operation. Brent Michal said, for example, the Dragotech corn head has been totally redesigned and will make harvesting the 2016 crop a lot more efficient, “QuadSuspension™ – integrated ear shocks under deck plates that work to reduce ear butt shelling, a significant source of yield loss at harvest. We’re talking about deck plates that can actually absorb the terrific energy of ears as they are pulled down by knife rollers.”


Michael said investing in a new corn head will insure more corn gets from the field into the hopper, “An inefficient head can cost you up to 4 bpa at harvest.”  Dragotec USA President and Fenton, Iowa, farmer Dennis Bollig states, “This is especially important with today’s hybrids that dry down faster in the field. When those ears hit deck plates, the impact results in excessive shelling leading to yield loss. QuadSuspension™ helps deck plates absorb that energy, reduce shelling, and capture more corn at harvest.”


Additional features found on the Drago GT Corn Head include the largest auger in the industry. Its 20-inch diameter auger and 28-inch pitch fin is designed to move more material faster, more gently. And its oversized eight-inch diameter auger tube is designed to limit potential ear loss from combine backfeed through the feederhouse.

Another industry first is the Twin Chop+ option featuring two, counter-cutting, chopping knives that offer more than what a single chop option can deliver. The two blades deliver maximum residue management and exceptional sizing. This feature allows the knife rollers to run slowly for maximum yield retention while delivering continuous chopping of stalks as they travel back and down through the entire length of the knife roller for maximum chop quality.“The Twin Chop+ gear design doubles the chopping capacity without significantly increasing the horsepower required to drive it,” Bollig added. “The option creates 400 MPH of energy to pulverize corn stalks when chopping.” Dragotec says a new head could increase yields by 7bpa. “This head will make its own payment,” added Michael.


A much lighter construction makes the new Dragotech head easier to manage and maneuver. The Drago GT Corn Head powertrain system, called Endura Drive™, employs a total chainless design that delivers power directly to the head components. “An innovative design allows power to be driven inline through the row units, eliminating two gears per row,” Bollig stated. The auger is also gear-driven for durability and easy maintenance and available on every row configuration. The new corn head is engineered for added dependability. Each major component of the Drago GT is protected from field hazards, from the gear-driven auger to the Precise Clutch Technology™ that protects knife rollers, gathering chain drives and choppers from field hazards.