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Investment Needed to Keep U.S. Soy Moving


Nancy KavazanjianA recent soy-checkoff study finds that some international buyers prefer U.S. Soy over soy from competing countries, such as Brazil and Argentina. That’s because those customers have found shipments from the U.S. to be more reliable in reaching them in a timely manner.

The U.S. transportation infrastructure has been an advantage for the U.S. in shipping soy. But Wisconsin farmer and United Soybean Board director Nancy Kavazanjian says investment is needed to keep that infrastructure performing well.

We have to move our product,” she explains. “We live in an international market, we have a world market for our soybeans. We have to get them from the farm to the elevators then to all our markets overseas. So if we don’t have good infrastructure, we can’t get them there.”

Both Brazil and Argentina have significantly less rail and underdeveloped inland-waterway systems, so roads are the main mode used to move products from growing areas to export position. However, if those countries continue to update their infrastructure, the U.S. could fall behind.

For more information on the importance of transportation, visit www.unitedsoybean.org.