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It’s Not Your Grandpa’s 2,4-D



colex D2,4-D is not a new option for weed control, but Dow AgroSciences has reinvented this old workhorse to meet today’s new environmental challenges.  With glyphosate weed resistance on the rise, growers are searching for new modes of action. Dow AgroSciences has reinvented 2,4-D. Dave Hilger, with Dow AgroSciences, explains this is not your grandfather’s 2,4-D, “We have developed a new 2,4-D salt to attach to the original 2,4-D acid. What it does is allow for a lot more flexibility and a lot lower volatility.”  Dow has also combined the revamped 2,4-D product with a revised glyphosate product to create a totally new product made from two old ones.


spray drift
Spray drift research at Dow AgroSciences

Hilger says, not only is the new product control weeds, but the redesigned chemical is easier to manage and spray drift has been dramatically reduced, “Spray drift is a serious issue today. We are all living and working in a very complex environment, knowing that you may have sensitive crops next to your field like vineyards or tomatoes.” He added that all of agriculture must work together to address this issue. Dow research has shows that drift can be reduced by upwards of 90% when used with proper spray equipment.


Not only is the Colex-D™  technology effective, it also works and plays well with others. Hilger said it is designed to work in combination with a variety of other products, many from different manufacturers. Colex-D™ is a technology package featured in Enlist Duo™ and is comprised of 2,4-D choline, the latest in formulation science and a propriety manufacturing process. Those components taken together will provide growers with new benefits with the herbicide, including ultra-low volatility, minimized potential for drift, decreased odor, and improved handling characteristics. EPA registration is expected in 2014 or 2015.