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John Deere’s Connected Support Offers Proactive Monitoring



Fall weather can change in an instant from warm and sunny to windy and rainy, so its imperative farmers get the help they need to get the crop out as soon as possible. AD has more on this tech.

John Deere’s Connected Support technology is exclusive to Deere customers. It comes factory installed on new equipment or can be installed on older machines.

Jenni Badding, Go-to-Market Manager of Digital Technology, says it not only allows growers to monitor their equipment, but also their Deere dealer to save valuable time.

“Your dealers can help monitor or use Remote Display Access, which is one of the tools,” she says. “If you’re in the field, you have an issue or you’re trying to set something up and having trouble remembering how to do that, if you’ve granted that permission to your dealer, the dealer can remote into the display and see what you’re seeing and help walk you through that.”

Dealers can also get notifications through Expert Alerts to monitor codes and diagnose issues before they become a problem.

“We can alert the customer that we’re seeing this and proactively work with them when it’s convenient—a technician can go out, make that repair, or load some software,” says Badding. “[It’s about] being able to see what’s going on with that machine proactively and keep that customer in the field.”

In July, John Deere announced that JDLink is now free, which is intertwined with Connected Support. To learn more about these programs, talk with your local John Deere dealer.