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June Weather Shaping Up Well for Crops


June crop weather

Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin

June is here and much of Indiana’s crop is planted thanks to lots of progress the last two weeks. Some are not yet finished though, so how does the short term forecast look for farmers who need to finish planting? HAT chief meteorologist Ryan Martin says the outlook between now and mid-month is positive.

“I think we’re going to be seeing a little bit of moisture as we go through this weekend, but then we’re going to be looking at another nice dry stretch, so if there still are some acres to plant we’re probably going to be OK,” he said. “The moisture as we go into the weekend on Saturday looks to be mostly a couple of tenths to maybe a half or ¾ in a few spots with thunderstorms. But generally it will be the lower end of the range. Coverage will be about 75% of the state. Then we should be dry from Sunday right on through next Saturday.”

He says with that long window the Hoosier state has a very good chance to be completed. Longer term, how does the month look for development of the crops in the ground? Martin says the rain pattern should get more active around mid-month.

“There are 2 to 3 systems working their way through from around the 13th to the 17th, 18th, 19th time frame. Those systems combined will probably give us anywhere a half to 1 ½ inches of rain. So there’s a good drink coming at mid-month for crops here. Temperature wise we’re going to pull temperatures back closer to normal as we go through the dry period this week coming up, but then I think temperatures climb again as we go back to normal and above normal levels for the 2nd half of the month of June. So for crop development I see no major hurdles, no major problems right now. Maybe not quite as cool as we’ve seen in recent years.”

Martin says there won’t be any major heat to deal with in June, and rains could be very timely for many fields.