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Kansas Station the First to Offer E15


The nation’s first E15 gallons are now being sold at a Zarco 66 gas station in Lawrence, Kansas. Plans are nearly complete to offer E15 at a second retail station, the Zarco 66 in Ottawa, Kansas. According to the Renewable Fuels Association the blend of 15-percent ethanol and 85-percent gasoline will sell for less than E10 and gasoline not containing ethanol given present market conditions. Scott Zaremba – owner of Zarco 66 stations – says alternatives to gasoline are critically important to the nation’s energy future. He adds that Americans deserve to have a choice of cost-competitive fuel at the pump. With the help of the Kansas Corn Commission, East Kansas Agri-Energy and RFA – Zaremba says they are pleased to be the first to offer consumers real choice at the pump in the form of E15.

Zaremba blends Zarco 66 fuel options right at each of his stations. Using blender pumps – he allows consumers to choose the fuel option that is best for them and their vehicle. Pumps that offer E15 will also offer E10 and other ethanol blends. RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen says Americans – by a margin of three to one – are clamoring for real choices at the pump. He says the roll out and adoption of E15 is the first step in delivering Americans the choice they want and deserve.

The Environmental Protection Agency gave final approval for the sale of E15 on June 8th. East Kansas Agri-Energy General Manager Steve Gardner says the expansion of the ethanol market will mean more jobs in rural America, stronger markets for domestically-produced renewable fuels and greater opportunity for new ethanol technologies in development today.

Source: NAFB News Service