Kelsay in national video

Joe Kelsay videoIndiana’s Joe Kelsay, former ISDA director, is back, this time in a national video addressing some of the myths about the care dairy cows receive. The video is one of three available online from Dairy Management Inc.’s The Udder Truth.

“Sometimes people say cows are overworked,” Kelsay says in the video. “Nothing could be further from the truth. The cows are getting into the milking parlor and going through that process. They’re only being milked about 5 minutes 3 times a day, but the rest of the day is really spent getting a bite to eat, getting a drink of water, and laying down on a water filled mattress just chilling out.”

The videos and edgy content are designed to capture the interest of the next generation of decision makers, specifically millennials. Paul Rovey, Arizona dairy farmer and chairman of DMI says the checkoff needs to make sure that group knows the true story of where food comes from, and Kelsay agrees.

“As we think about the future, about the trends that will shape policy, that will shape approaches to the food system, given their size and influence and the fact that they’re moving very quickly into a very powerful part of what will drive the decisions of the future, absolutely this is a target group. We need to make sure as customers we are addressing their needs, discussing what their questions are, and really trying to find a proactive way to get out there and be in front of them and be transparent.”

Joe Kelsay Udder TruthKelsay told HAT he and all farmers have a responsibility to find ways to reach out and communicate with customers and consumers, “and by the way, a big part of this is listening to the other side. It’s not just talking about what we know and do, it’s really helping to understand what concerns are out there, what the questions there are and how to respond to those.”

The video with Kelsay is on his family’s Whiteland, Indiana dairy operation where he is a sixth-generation dairy farmer.

The series also addresses antibiotics, and “big ag.” The videos are at and social media sites.