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Key Ag Issues for 2021 Indiana Legislative Session


The Indiana House and Senate will reconvene on Monday, January 4th. During the first day of the Indiana Corn and Soybean Forum that is being held virtually, Steve Howell, Senior Director of Industry Affairs for Indiana Corn and Soy, laid out their key issues for the 2021 session.

Howell says there is a need to update some “gasohol” language.

“That’s a term that a lot of us, we haven’t heard since maybe the 80s. We just don’t use that term ‘gasohol’ much but there is still some of that language on the books. Our friends at CountryMark would like to see those changes so it would allow them more ability to sell higher blends of ethanol.”

Broadband access is also a top priority.

“We’ve proven that our broadband capabilities across the state are not adequate. So, now we want to be partners in that to make sure that we can expand that coverage across Indiana.”

And Howell says, as always, they will be a strong supporter of Indiana’s livestock groups.

“If there are any unreasonable regulations that are proposed or restrictions that are proposed, we need that livestock production here in Indiana…they’re a very important customer for both corn and soybeans and we need that production here in Indiana because it’s just important for our rural communities.”

The Indiana Corn and Soybean Forum continues today from the Midwest Pork Conference where you can hear from keynote speaker Ray Starling, former Chief of Staff to Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue. You can register for that event and others this week by visiting indianasoybean.com/forum.