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What Agriculture is Looking for From Lame Duck Congress


What will Congress get done during this lame duck session? Christy Seyfert, Executive Director of Government Affairs for the American Soybean Association, says there are a few items they are watching very closely.

The first- will another COVID-19 relief package finally come together?

“The first couple of COVID packages earlier this year came together quickly in a very bipartisan way. This latest COVID package I believe started negotiations back in May. It has been months in the making and I don’t know if it comes together in lame duck or if it is more likely a 2021 issue. But we’ll watch to see what is incorporated into that when it eventually happens.”

They are also carefully watching the extension of government funding.

“December 11 is coming quickly, and we certainly don’t want to see a government shutdown at the federal level. Right now, momentum is pointing toward this coming together, thank goodness. It’s a question really of the duration of this. Is it a few months? Is it going to be longer than that? We shall see.”

The Grain Standards Reauthorization Act passed through the Senate in November. Seyfert says the question now is when (or if) the House will pick up the Senate bill.

“It provides assurances to our overseas buyers that our grains and our oilseeds have been inspected. They meet specific standards. It’s very important for US agriculture competitiveness.”