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Kron Worried About Lack of Farm Bill Action


Kron Worried About Lack of Farm Bill Action

When Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron attended the Fort Wayne Farm Show last year, all the talk was about what farmers wanted in the new Farm Bill. For the past year, both on a state and national level, there has been considerable discussion on what the priorities for the new Farm Bill should be.  Yet as 2018 dawns, there has been no action planned for actually writing a new bill.  At this year’s farm show, Kron told HAT he is worried, “With all the gridlock we see in Washington today on the Farm Bill, there is a lot of talk and no action.”  He is hopeful lawmakers can get past the politics and “do what is right for agriculture.”

Kiron said, while there is general agreement in most of agriculture on the major titles of the Farm Bill, there is likely to be serious opposition when the bill hits the floor of the House and Senate for debate, “It is going to take the farmers of this state contacting their legislators and letting them know what is important about getting a Farm Bill done.” He added that Farm Bureau will be activating its  grass roots support to send a strong message to Washington that it wants action on a Farm Bill.

Kron said finalizing a new NAFTA agreement is also important to agriculture, “The President said he was going to get a better NAFTA agreement. I will keep my fingers crossed that a better NAFTA deal will be better for agriculture.”  He said a failure to get a new NAFTA deal would plunge the ag economy into a major new depression.

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