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Lamie Takes Over for Shuter at Indiana Corn Marketing Council


The Indiana corn checkoff has new leadership. Gary Lamie of West Point in Tippecanoe County is replacing a fixture as president of the Indiana Corn Marketing Council. Lamie was elected at the November board of directors meeting and replaces Mike Shuter of Madison County who had served since 2007.

“I can’t say enough about Mike (pictured) and what he has done not only for the checkoff but just for agriculture in general,” Lamie said. “Mike was instrumental in getting the checkoff passed. He’s just been there from the start and been very generous with his time and his abilities both establishing the checkoff and then in its infancy getting it up and going. I know that Mike deserves a big thank you from all of us and he’s a great friend and ambassador to agriculture.”

Lamie expects a seamless transition from his past position of president of the Indiana Corn Growers Association to the checkoff leadership.

“I’ve been involved with both organizations and I’m active on the research team for NCGA so I’ve always been interested in ag research. So it’s a fairly easy transition for me.”

The five-year strategic plan focuses the ICMC board on five major areas, ethanol, livestock, grain marketing, new uses and production issues. Lamie (left) says his job as president is to continue the good work and foundation laid before him.

“We’ve got a lot of good members on the board. We’ve got two new members this year, Mike Beard and Herb Ringel, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with both on other committees so I’m very happy to have them aboard. And we’ve got five or six board members that are active on NCGA action teams so I’m very pleased about that.”

Other officers are Dennis Maple of Greentown, vice president, Dean Eppley of Wabash, secretary and Gerald Gauck of Milan, treasurer.

Lamie also serves as vice chair on National Corn Growers Association’s Research and Business Development Action Team.[audio:https://www.hoosieragtoday.com//wp-content/uploads//2012/12/Gary-Lamie-new-ICMC-president.mp3|titles=Gary Lamie new ICMC president]

About Indiana Corn Checkoff:

The corn checkoff program is designed to allow Indiana corn farmers to join together to invest in programs that ultimately enhance the value of corn for all those producing the crop in our state.

The Indiana corn checkoff, administered by Indiana Corn Marketing Council, was first established in 2001. In July 2007, following a vote by the Indiana General Assembly, a new corn checkoff program went into effect to manage funds collected at the first point of sale. Updates to the corn checkoff law were made by the Indiana General Assembly in 2012.

In compliance with Indiana law, a checkoff assessment of ½-cent ($0.005) shall be collected on each bushel of corn marketed in the state of Indiana.

The checkoff requirements do not apply to popcorn, seed corn or sweet corn. There is a right to refund within the law for those who choose not to support the corn checkoff program. To refund, a farmer must fill out the refund form and return to Indiana Corn Marketing Council.