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Late Planted Corn Playing Catch Up


Late Planted Corn Playing Catch Up

Brian Early

Planting got started late this year, but the crops are rushing to make up lost time. With most of Indiana corn not getting planted until May, it seems the crops are trying to make up some time with very quick germination.

Brian Early, with DuPont Pioneer, says the warm weather and sunshine are really getting the crops off to a quick start, “This year is among the fastest germination I have ever seen, with many fields showing above ground growth in less than 9 days after planting.” He says the corn, though planted in May, will quickly make up time during the early growing stages, “Corn will speed up its development when it is planted late. That is why we can plant until the end of May before we have to consider changing maturity dates.”

There remain, however, several places in the state where soils are still too wet and planting has not even started yet. “There are some areas in the NW and on the Eastern part of the state where it is still very wet,” Early stated.

According to this week’s Pioneer Poll, 51% of those responding said they had not started planting yet. Check out the weekly Pioneer Poll in the Hoosier Ag Today e-newsletter.