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Late Planting Not Impacting Harvest in NW Indiana


Late Planting Not Impacting Harvest in NW Indiana

For some growers in Northwest Indiana counties, flooding kept their crops out of the field until early June this year.  While for others, it was dry conditions that delayed planting. These issues, however,  showed very little impact at harvest. Pioneer agronomist Carl Joern says even those late-planted fields yielded well this harvest.

“All in all, the crop that is coming out of Northwest Indiana is surprisingly good.” He added there are only a few fields left to be harvested in the NW saying, “We are about 90% complete on both corn and soybeans.”

Joern said the crop developed a lot faster this year than it normally does.

“We have a corn crop that is running about 3 weeks ahead of average.” While this was good for an early harvest, it did cause problems with stalk integrity. He recommends any corn left out should be harvested quickly.

There may be the temptation to get an early start on fall  Anhydrous application with most of the crops out. Joern cautions about getting out with Anhydrous too early.

“You need to wait until we have a stable soil temperature of 50 degrees before application.” Joern recommends growers should, however, take advantage of the early harvest to get a good start on next year’s crop, saying, “We should take advantage of the few extra weeks for a burndown or fall tillage so we are ready to start clean in the spring.”