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Late Season Nitrogen Needed this Year?


Late Season Nitrogen Needed this Year?

Brian Early

One of your biggest input costs is nitrogen, and the Encirca program can help decide of a late season application is needed. Brian Early, with Corteva Agriscience, says research has shown that a late season application of nitrogen can make a big difference in yields in corn and soybeans, “There have been numerous studies done over the past decade that show corn takes up 40% of its nitrogen after silking and pollination.” He added that this is a change from the hybrids we had 20 and 30 years ago, “A lot of hybrids today have a stay green trait that keeps the plant green while the grain is drying down. The green is caused by a lot of nitrogen in the plant.”

But, do you really need such a late application this year? Early says the Encirca system can help you make that decision, “Guys who have the ability to apply nitrogen late, either with a pivot or high clearance sprayer, can not put all their nitrogen in the spring and wait and see if they need it in late July or early August.” He said the Encirca system can tell you what your nitrogen levels are in a field late in the season, “In a dry year, you can save on a late season application because there would still be enough in the field, but in a wet year like this one, you may need to go back and make an application.”

Early told HAT the program can also help you begin to plan your nitrogen program for 2019, “The system will let you do several ‘what if’ plans to maximize your efficiency field by field and see what plan works the best in each field.”

For more information, contact your Encirca representative.