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‘Learn How to Protect Your Farm from Erosion’ Events Coming to Greensburg


The Soil Water Conservation Society (SWCS) is proud to be organizing a pair of conservation events located in Greensburg, Indiana for farmers and conservation professionals. These field days offer an outstanding and efficient experience.  Folks will be able to get into a field to see conservation practices up close in a commercial farm setting. SWCS is known for offering great professional networking opportunities and professional development. “The hands-on learning is needed after the start of this year’s growing season for farmers, SWCS Hoosier Chapter President Curtis Knueven said.

The first event, geared toward farmers, will be hosted Wednesday, July 31st by Roger Wenning on his farm in Greensburg, Indiana. Wenning is a leader in cover crops and conservation management. His farm in Greensburg will be a great venue to see conservation on the ground. “Keep that soil biology healthy, and it’s like a healthy gut in a hog: it’s going to produce the food the plants need. I’m even finding I don’t need as much [fertilizer] as the soil tests recommend,” Wenning said. The field day will include the demonstration of terminating a cover crop with a crimper.

The second day, Thursday, August 1st, Wenning will host a field day for conservation professionals. His farm will become a training ground for anyone interested in soil and water conservation. At the August 1st event, Trey Hill of Maryland will also offer a great look at management in a state with high regulatory and social pressure on conservation systems. “Being pro-environment is every bit as much of a business plan as it is a philosophy,” Hill explained.

Farmers and those generally interested in conversation practices can register by visiting https://bit.ly/2G4esmp

Location of the field days will be held at Wenning Farms, 1512 N County Road 80 NE, Greensburg, IN 47240.

The Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) is a non-profit scientific and educational organization of professional conservationists. SWCS serves as an advocate for the conservation professional and for science-based conservation policy.