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Learning From 2019 as 2020 Looms


As we prepare to put 2019 behind us, what can we take away for planning a better year in 2020? As I talked with a wide variety of company representatives and experts, the consistent message I heard was plan.

Mike Leetch, with Syngenta, says that plan needs to have several alternative plans, ”for when mother nature throws us another curve ball. So, you need a plan A, and a plan B, and even a plan C. Protecting the crop with a solid plan you can implement next spring is about 80% of the battle.”

John Schartman, with Pioneer, says choosing good genetics is a key, especially when growing soybeans.

“Our market research shows that it is good genetics combined with a farmer‘a good management practices that leads to success in growing soybeans.”

He added that local Pioneer representatives, working with producers on their farms, are also a key component.

In addition to weather and planting challenges in 2019, diseases were a serious issue for many growers. Paula Halabicki, with BASF, recommends evaluating the likelihood of a disease outbreak and taking steps to prevent it.

“Consider if you have had a disease pressure before and evaluate your chances of having a repeat problem. In addition, there are higher risk factors like planting corn on corn that should be considered and perhaps plan for fungicide application as a preventative.”

It may be wishful thinking, but most of the people I have talked with feel it is unlikely 2020 will be a repeat of 2019.  There will, however, be challenges and surprises. So plan ahead and be prepared.