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Legislation to Stop EPA’s ‘Secret Science’ Moves Forward


The House Science, Space and Technology Committee voted Tuesday to advance a bill intended to stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of what Republicans call secret science to write regulations – according to The Hill. Texas Representative Lamar Smith says EPA’s regulatory process is both hidden and flawed. Smith says EPA hides the data and then handpicks scientists to review it. He says the legislation would require EPA’s science to be available for validation and replication because Americans impacted by EPA regulations have a right to see the data and determine for themselves if the agency’s actions are based on sound science or a partisan agenda. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says the agency’s scientific process is sound. McCarthy says if EPA is being accused of secret science because it relies on real scientists to conduct research, independent scientists to peer review it and scientists who’ve spent a lifetime studying the science to reproduce it – then so be it.

Source: NAFB News Service