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Let’s Call it What it is, bull.


bullshitThe White House released a plan today called “Actions to Protect Communities From The Impacts of Climate Change,” which seeks to link global warming to threats to human health. The initiative includes several executive actions the administration will take in the coming months. This is just another excuse for more regulations and government micro management. They are using false science to scare people about climate change.


“Once again, the current administration reveals its utter disdain and contempt of scientific truth. Study after study published in the peer-reviewed literature demonstrate that the narrative of climate change alarmism, based on model projections, is crumbling under the weight of real world observations. Nowhere is this more evident than in discussions on the potential impacts of climate on human health, where observations consistently demonstrate that net human mortality and morbidity are reduced as global climate warms.” – Craig D. Idso Senior Fellow, Environment The Heartland Institute

Cold kills far more people than heat. Any warming that might occur from climate change in the future will save far more lives at the cold end of the temperature spectrum than those lost at the warm end, creating a net benefit for human health. It is inconceivable that the president and his administration would ignore such well-documented facts and promote policy that will actually cost lives! But then again, facts never seem to matter to ideologues, even if their actions cause more harm than good.” 

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