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Let’s Not Rush to Get in the Field


Does this recent string of nice weather have you antsy to get out in the field? You’re not alone, but Purdue Extension Corn Specialist Bob Nielsen and Soybean Specialist Shaun Casteel discuss how early is too early to get started in the latest Purdue Crop Chat Podcast.

Nielsen says let’s not be in a rush to hit the field.

“I’m all for timely field operations, but I think it’s got to be done wisely. Certainly, we’ve got an opportunity to avoid creating some soil compaction at this point. Let’s not rush the gun too much and jump in there when the surface soils are really not fit to be on and create some surface or shallow compaction. Those are the kinds of things that can haunt you for the rest of the season.”

He adds that while planting season feels really close, it’s probably at least 30 days away. He recommends taking those 30 days to make sure your equipment is in proper working order to avoid delays once it is time to go.

Before planting, Casteel recommends, “Look at the seed too. You’ve got it in the barn, hopefully, already. If not, then soon. Make sure it’s got the seed treatments you want. Look at germ scores. On the soybeans, I haven’t heard of any issues, but you never know. There are seed lots that come in below what you really want. We expect 90% or above; that’s what we want, but 85% or 80% germ lots are certainly possible. So, know what you have.”

You can listen to the Purdue Crop Chat Podcast on Apple Podcasts. You can also watch the recording above.