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Liberty Technology Rates High in Grower Satisfaction


Liberty Technology Rates High in Grower Satisfaction

An independent market research survey has revealed that the LibertyLink® system has the highest rated trait platform of the year. Growers across 21 states were asked about their level of satisfaction with their soybean trait platforms in a survey conducted by Kynetec.

David Tanner

“The results from this research are indicative of the tremendous growth we have seen over the last few years,” said David Tanner, Liberty product manager at Bayer. “LibertyLink has gone from six percent market share in 2015 to an estimated 20 percent in 2018. And as more growers plant more acres of LibertyLink soybeans with the same excellent results, we expect this growth to continue by leaps and bounds.”  He added Liberty has become the technology of choice when it comes to dealing with resistant weeds, “ The study found that, while yield is important, a majority of growers pointed to resistant weed control as their top reason for their 2018 seed trait decision.”

Tanner said Liberty is a technology that is proven to not only give growers weed control but provided varieties with strong yield performance, “Even with new trait platforms launched in 2017, growers clearly preferred LibertyLink. In fact, 97 percent of growers who planted LibertyLink rated it ‘good’ to ‘excellent.’ It beat out both new and established platforms currently on the market.” He stressed, however, that the technology must be used properly and with multiple modes of action to maintain its effectiveness and prevent the development of resistance.

Liberty’s market share has continued to grow, and Bayer is predicting a 25% increase in Liberty treated acres in 2018.  The research, conducted in August 2017, surveyed growers who made seed decisions on their operation. Growers rated their experience with various platforms, what they look for when making planting decisions, and their satisfaction with trait and herbicide performance.